The Service User Group


Service Users are:
Anyone who receives care and support from the Hospice – patients, family members, carers or friends using the inpatient, drop-in or bereavement services.
The Group
The group was formed in December 2012, as an ongoing forum for eliciting and sharing service user’s views, opinions and concerns. Members can contribute to the Hospice’s running and development through attending regular meetings at the Hospice and via other avenues.
Whilst feedback from service users is generally very positive, we hope to encourage constructive critical feedback on our services also, and get views from users on services that could be improved, things that are missing and future developments.
A core group of people meet every month to discuss issues. We aim to gather information from other service users, and act as representatives in sharing or addressing issues with Hospice staff and management.
Specific involvement includes:

  • Representing the group at Service Governance meetings (monthly)
  • Participating in auditing the Hospice's services
  • Participating in consultation regarding areas of development eg. development of new services.

At the request of the group, there are some staff who regularly attend the meetings, others (sometimes from Senior Management) who come as needed or at the groups’ invitation.
Please use the Contact us via the link to the right if you are a user of the Hospice’s services and would like to attend one of the Service User Group meetings or be involved in any of their activities. We would especially welcome any feedback, suggestions or views you may have about the Hospice and the services provided.
Thank you – we look forward to hearing from you….

Current Members

Warren Ellis - Chair

Don Goodfellow - Vice Chair