Bereavement Drop In FAQs

Who is it for?

Wakefield Hospice Bereavement Drop In Service is for anyone who has been bereaved and who has been known to Wakefield Hospice as a carer. For example, you may be a family member or a friend of someone who has been a patient of our Drop In Service or an inpatient who has sadly died. You may have been a carer/relative attending the Drop In Service in your own right but who is now bereaved.

When is it open? When can I come?

The Bereavement Drop In Service is open on Thursday (excluding Bank Holidays) from 9am - 12noon and Thursdays 1pm - 4pm by appointment.

What if I can't come at these times?

If you would like some bereavement support but are unable to come at these times, ask to speak with Lisa Henry, our Bereavement Services Co-ordinator, and she can help arrange support at a time that is more convenient.

What happens at the Bereavement Drop In?

Many different things happen and you can join in the things that are right for you. It is a chance to meet and talk with other people who are going through something similar to yourself.

Trained staff and volunteers are available for emotional and bereavement support. Our complementary therapist can offer treatments to help with anxiety, stress, difficulty sleeping and the general sadness of bereavement. There is also a regular relaxation session which helps people learn relaxation techniques to use at home as well.

Our artist is at hand to help those who want to do something creative and we facilitate a regular service in our Chapel with prayers for those who are interested. Sometimes people just enjoy sitting and chatting in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

What if I don't want to be in a group?

It is perfectly okay to sit quietly on your own, but there are always members of the team who are there to support you or just sit quietly with you. We have two conservatories, a pleasant outside sitting area and wonderful gardens which can be used if people want or need a bit of space.

Do I have to make an appointment?

You are welcome to Drop In anytime between 9am - 12noon and you don't need an appointment for this. Appointments are needed for the Complementary Therapies and Counselling. You can arrange this with the team. 

Is there a charge for attending or for the treatments?

We do not charge for any of our services or for tea or coffee but you are welcome to make a donation. Sandwiches and other refreshments are available to purchase from reception.

I think I would like to attend but feel nervous about walking in alone

This is a very natural feeling and there will always be someone to meet and greet you when you first come. On your first visit we will sit somewhere privately and talk with you about your situation. We will help you to settle in.

We can arrange to meet you in the car park if you wish and come in to the Hospice with you. Just give us a ring on the Hospice telephone number and ask to speak to either Lisa Henry or a member of the Drop In Team.

How many times can I come? How long can I come for?

We can support beareaved families for up to two years depending on your needs as we recognise that every individuals grief experience is different. However, as you feel stronger and manage the adjustments needed to live with your loss, you will no longer need us. Our aim is to help you receive support from us without becoming dependent.

Can children come to the Drop In too?

If you know children or young people under 18 who would like some help in their bereavement, our Bereavement Services Co-ordinator can offer some help individually or sign post you to services especially for children and younf people.

How will I know when I don't need to come anymore?

We cannot be a 'forever service' - everyone's experience of bereavement is different and so their needs are different. We aim to help you to develop coping strategies, through emotional support and counselling, through creative activities and spiritual support, relaxation and complementary therapies. Some people find it is helpful to meet and talk with others who are going through something similar. Whatever your situation, we will discuss your needs with you and together develop a plan support that is suitable.

If you are someone who comes regularly we will periodically catch up with you to see how our support is helping you and how you are coping and we may suggest changes if appropriate.

Some people find it helpful to come every week for a while and then later, just now and again, perhaps on a bad day or during a difficult time, eg. around an anniversary or other significant date. Others come specifically for counselling, spiritual support or complementary therapy treatments. Some people come early on in their bereavement and others after some time. Everyone is different and we try to be as flexible as we can to support you as you progress through your bereavement and are more ready to move on.

Think of us as a 'stepping stone' or a means to an end, where you begin to adjust to living with your loss and finding new meanings in your life.

There is no charge for any of our bereavement support services, including the Drop In, but you are welcome to make a donation if you wish.

We hope this has answered some of your questions and explains a bit more about the Drop In Service but please don't hesitate to speak with any of the team if you have any queries.

You can Drop In or speak to Carol Vaux, Chris Ineson or Lisa Henry by telephone. They can be contacted on 01924 331400.