Introducing our Hospice Advocates

During our 25th anniversary year in 2015, we decided to introduce a new initiative and to invite a small, select number of businesses to become Hospice Advocates.
In all, we were looking to recruit just seven companies, who will be champions of our cause. We have carefully considered the businesses we wish to ‘partner’ with, businesses whose ethics and values we feel mirror or complement our own. Essentially, these organisations will be our brand partners.
Today, we can introduce you to the seven companies who are now officially Advocates. These are businesses with whom the hospice has a long-standing and valued relationship. We will feature our Advocates in every issue of our newsletter, so do look out for more news over coming months.

Click the logos below for more information about each of our advocates.

Jolliffe Cork: Chartered Accountants
John Monaghan (holdings Ltd)
The Business Network
Chadwick Lawrence