Copiserv was originally established back in 1975, we are a local business specialising in helping other local organistions reduce the cost of producing and managing documents.  In plain English we supply and service Copiers and Multifuctional devices, desk top printers and a variety of associated software that helps organisations become more efficient and effective.
We specialised in many different sectors and work with organisation that have 1 desk top printer right up to fleets of 20 high speed copiers/ printers with tens of desk top printers.  Basically if your organisation prints anything we can help you reduce cost but what really makes us different is…
1, Service really is at the heart of our business and we believe passionately in keeping things simple, all Copiserv customers will be visited once a quarter by a customer service person to make sure we are doing everything we should be. We also use this time to inform customers of new technology that is available.  We operate a preventative maintenance system to ensure we limit your down time in addition all the devices that we supply we will manage remotely so 9 time out of 10 we will know there is an issue with your machine before you do.
2, Copiserv doesn’t employ sales people so you can be sure there will never be any high pressure selling and you will not be tied into never ending leases with finance rolled into finance.  In fact around 90% of our new business customers come to us by way of word of mouth.  So what we know is we live and die by the service which we provide.
3, We believe passionately that we want our customer to choose to want to buy from us rather than be sold to.  We are quite a sociable sort of company so find us on linkedin or follow us on twitter to keep up to date with our latest news.  Or if you prefer the old fashioned way invite us in for a coffee, we can help you understand your current printing costs, if there is a way to help you save money we will show you but if we can’t help you then we won’t try and sell you a solution that you do not need.

Twitter: @copiserv_co

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