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Bed Appeal

Thank you for your amazing support

Thank you for making our beds...

Last summer, Wakefield Hospice was forced to launch an emergency appeal to raise £25,000 to replace all sixteen of its in-patient bed frames as replacement parts were no longer available meaning their beds could no longer be fixed when needed.
Staff at the hospice were amazed and humbled at the response.  Within seven weeks of launching the appeal, an outstanding £29,778.17 was raised – enough to fund the new bed frames with surplus to buy some new specialist air pressure mattresses too.  The hospice is also expecting around £1,500 from the scrappage of their old beds which will be restricted to help fund the ongoing maintenance of the new beds.
During those weeks, the appeal had a few significant boosts with one bed being donated, a number of private donations from families who have been affected by the work of the hospice in recent years, each large enough to fund a single bed and a grant donation from Sovereign Health Care large enough to fund two beds.
The hospice is also aware of local supporters and businesses who took it upon themselves to each raise enough for a bed or more:
  • Sarah Powala organised a 15 mile sponsored walk, along with a group of friends, Sarah walked the full route with a mattress on her back.  Together the Shakey Wakey Walkers raised a wonderful £1,622
  • Nationwide (Wakefield branch) donated £900 from their charity fund which was topped up by another £601 from the Wakefield branch manager, Amanda Ogley from a personal Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge.
  • OneWorld Travel collected foreign coins and donated £10 from every booking they made between August and November, making an incredible £3,192.
The purchase of the new beds needed careful planning – how do you accept a delivery of 16 beds without disrupting those already in the hospice’s care?  Where would you store them? Knowing that the in-patient ward would be closing for refurbishment in the New Year, this seemed like the perfect time take delivery of the new beds ensuring minimal disruption to patient care.
Wakefield Hospice is therefore delighted to confirm that the support of the Wakefield and wider public has now been realised and the new beds have arrived at the hospice.
On behalf of Wakefield Hospice, Susan Wright, Ward Sister says “Thank you all for your kindness and for responding so positively to our Bed Appeal.  The new beds have now arrived, meaning we can operate at capacity and continue providing high quality patient centred care for many years ahead”.