This is an unavoidable expense.


We're almost there..... 4 more beds made in the last week!

Our Bed Appeal launched just over a month ago and in that time thanks to the amazing response from our local community, supporters and Charitable Funders, Wakefield Hospice has received enough support to replace 13 of our 16 beds - including one donation of a bed itself!  That’s a great start but we’ve still got to keep pushing to be able to fund the remaining 3.
The beds are over fifteen years old.  They are specialist mechanical beds that, at the touch of a button, can be adjusted in height and position to make the patient as comfortable as possible.  With regular repeated use over the years, these mechanical elements can and do expire.  As with most technology, due to developments the parts are becoming obsolete to make way for the modern, improved equivalent.  
The beds have served us well but cannot last forever. 
The mattresses are fine, so it is only the frames that need replacing.  Each bed costs £1550 to replace – any contribution towards this is gratefully received.  It only takes lots of people to donate a few pounds each and it soon mounts up.  
It is very unfortunate that 2 of our beds broke recently and with replacement parts no longer available, left them unusable but we are delighted that due to the community rallying together we are now able to replace these.  


We have submitted a number of funding requests to Charitable Foundations and are currently waiting to hear the results of our applications as we aware this is a huge amount to ask the community to raise on their own.
However, we understand from the responses so far that there are many of you out there that want to fundraise, rather than donate, towards this appeal.  If this is you and you need any help or information to help, please do get in touch. Contact or phone 01924 331403 or 01924 331401.
In the event that we are successful enough to raise over the target amount, funds will be retained for where the need is greatest.