Ann's Story

By becoming a regular giver today you provide an easy and effective way to ensure that the specialist end of life care, which my husband received at Wakefield Hospice, is available for the patients and families of tomorrow, helping to make their precious time together special

George was my life, we did everything together, both work and pleasure. He was my best friend and a great father.

Following the diagnosis of cancer he bravely fought and eventually came to terms with his diagnosis but always stressed that he wanted to stay at home until the end.

The family and I tried to cope and honour this wish but 24-hour care was taking its toll. He went into the hospice a broken man but with the care and understanding given by staff it was like a light had been given to us all and George’s sparkle and charm returned.

The staff and volunteers became an extended family. They were there to care for George, medically and emotionally; providing a feeling of homeliness and not one bit clinical.

The staff cared for the family providing much needed advice and support. Our fears were alleviated and the time we had left with George became special with both laughter and tears.

Without this support and special environment the memories would have been tainted and not special.

(Wakefield Hospice would like to thank Ann and her family for sharing their preivous memories and for telling their story so that future patients, families and carers at the Hospice can benefit.)