Sky Dive

Love is in the air. Who will you be falling for this valentines?
Wakefield Hospice
Who will you be falling for?.....
Wakefield Hospice are proud to be offering a jump date, solely in aid of our charity on Sunday 12th February 2017* to help you remember a loved one over the Valentine’s weekend.
If this is something you’ve considered before why not take to the skies on this Wakefield Hospice ONLY day?  You will be surrounded and supported by like-minded people who will have also been affected by the work of Wakefield Hospice.
Image standing in the doorway of an aeroplane, wind blowing through your hair, seeing the ground shrinking beneath you, preparing to jump………….then remember why you’re doing this and who for.

That’s all it takes to exit a plane at 15,000ft - the UK's highest sky dive!
If you’ve read this far, you’ve made the first steps to taking on this ultimate life-changing challenge, so here’s a bit more information you’ll need to know to take the next steps…..

*other jump dates are available throughout the year if you are unable to make this date but wish to take part.  Please use the contact details above or look under the Support Us/Fundraising/Events section of our website.

There are 2 booking options for you to choose from:
1.      Raise the minimum sponsorship of £395 and you can jump for FREE as Wakefield Hospice will pay for your jump**
2.      Pay for your jump yourself and raise what sponsorship you can, there is no minimum requirement.
**It is important to recognise that whilst it appears that you get to jump free of charge, this cost is paid for by the charity and the people supporting you, so you should make them aware of this and we encourage you to raise as much as possible over the minimum target.

We ask that your sponsorship is raised one week before your jump date. This is because Wakefield Hospice will be invoiced for the cost of your jump so you do not have to worry about paying them! If you have not raised the £395 by then you will need to pay for the cost of your skydive on the day of your jump which is £200.
There is the option to have a video and photographs of your jump which would you would need to organise in advance with the airfield (0113 2505600). Any additional costs incurred for this will be at your own cost.
Restrictions apply – please refer to our booking form for details.
Click here to download the Booking Form
Click here to download the Registration Form

Any other questions? Contact Wakefield Hospice fundraising: 01924 213900 or