Give yourself plenty of time plan your fundraising. You will need to think about who you want to attract, if you need help or sponsors, how you can attract them and the time period for achieving your fundraising target. 

Here are some of our tips:
  • How much are you hoping to raise? - Set a realistic target.
  • Chose the right idea for the people you are hoping to attract.
  • Think about when your event should be held - at the weekend, on a bank holiday, in the summer...
  • Where is the best place to hold the event - will people be able to get to the venue easily?
  • Are you prepared for weather - if it is wet or very hot will you need to arrange for shelter?
  • How much will it cost to organise?
  • Have you arranged sufficient help for the actual day?


Tell everyone you can think of about your event and why you are raising money for Wakefield Hospice. Lots of people don't realise we are a charity and that it costs £3.2 million each year to maintain our services and we have to raise 70% of this ourselves. Advertise your event by word of mouth, posters, websites and contacting the local media.


If your event is well planned it may be possible to get sponsorship from local businesses. Approach companies connected to your activity, for example, sports retailers for a charity football match. Existing contacts you may already have are a good place to start. If they are unable to sponsor or attend your event, suggest they make a donation or perhaps give a gift in kind.

Legislation and Safety

There are laws that govern all charity fundraising. Contact Wakefield Hospice's fundraising team for advice. Licences are required for some activities and it is important to make sure everyone will be safe at your event. Wakefield Hospice cannot be responsible for your event so make sure you get advice - our fundraising team is always happy to help.

Sponsored Events

Wakefield Hospice sponsor forms are an easy way to record all donations received and pledged. These forms contain a Gift Aid declaration, but please be aware that we can only claim Gift Aid (an additional donation from the Inland Revenue) if sponsors tick the gift aid box and they have paid an amount of income tax or capital gains tax in the current financial year that is at least equal to the tax we reclaim on that donation. For example, if someone at your event makes a donation of £10 we can claim an additional £2.82 on that donation. This means that they will need to have paid at least £2.82 to the taxman in that financial year.

They must also include their surname and initial(s), house number and full postcode (not their work address) in order for a claim to be successful.

Please contact the Hospice directly to request sponsorship forms for your event.

Online sponsorship - You can set up your own web page on Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving.

Help and Advice

Our fundraising team will be delighted to hear from you. They can help you plan your event as well as supply collecting tins, buckets and balloons. We can help advertise your event by promoting it on our website, social media and in our newsletter.