The Tree of Life

Dedicating a leaf on the Tree of Life is a simple and lasting way to remember a loved one.
Clare Kemsley
Legacy and In Memory Fundraiser
The Tree of Life is a specially-commissioned sculpture in the grounds of Wakefield Hospice. Its 12 branches, each representing a month of the year, hold more than 400 leaves. Attached to each commemorative leaf is a silver disc on which the name of the person you wish to remember can be engraved.

Leaves can be dedicated for a suggested minimum donation of £55. You can dedicate a leaf to anyone, even if you have no link to the Hospice, and whether you have been bereaved recently or some time ago. Your donation will help ensure that future patients and their relatives will benefit from the Hospice's support at their time of need.

Your leaf and disc will stay on the Tree for 12 months, after which you will receive them as a lasting tribute. Please note that the leaf weathers naturally with the passing seasons. At the end of this time you are welcome to renew your donation and dedicate another leaf if you wish.

The Tree’s woodland setting provides a calm atmosphere, in which the sights and sounds of nature can evoke fond memories of playing in a garden as a child or enjoying a garden as an adult. The symbolism of the Tree of Life is reflected in this extract from a poem by Bryant H McGill:

‘Like leaves we have a season 
We press through life so fast and no-one knows the reason that youth and life can’t last
Accept your place in nature, the truth you will then plainly see
We’re but a melody in one grand overture, like the rustling leaves of a tree’ 

It’s easy to dedicate a leaf – simply complete our online form or download and print our PDF form. If you have any questions please call our fundraising team on 01924 331405. 
‘We hope this donation will help you to continue the superb work carried out by all staff. We will also enjoy visiting the tree when the leaf is attached. Very fitting for a man who was a head groundsman and avid gardener!’ 
Fiona Hughes, who has dedicated a leaf to her father Trevor 

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