Feelings in Focus

We are honoured to be one of the first grantees of the Thomas Deane Trust.  Their valued support is going to make such a difference.
Emily Murphy, Trust Fundraiser
Wakefield Hospice is honoured to be amongst the first grants awarded by Thomas Deane Trust.  Thomas Deane Trust is a (very) small family-run grant giving charity. By 2020 it will have invested in a small number of projects in the fields of environment, community music, advice work and end of life care that it expects will make a difference.
The Hospice received a wonderful £14,612 grant to fund a new photography project, Feelings in Focus, which will provide more choice for service users.  The project encourages individuals, facing an end of life diagnosis or bereavement, to explore thoughts, feelings and emotions through the taking of images, helping to overcome any language or communication barriers and offers an alternative support structure, especially to a younger audience.
For some, language can be the limiting factor when it comes to expressing their diagnosis and experience of grief and sometimes, there just aren’t the right words.  Being able to express how they feel through images, symbols and other sensory elements, Feelings in Focus, can really help, whether it be creating memories for family or conveying hope, a picture really can paint a thousand words.
Feelings in Focus is a new opportunity to move people to independence sooner.  It offers a new, innovative and current solution that is relevant to changing lifestyles, appealing to all age ranges, especially younger people and addresses our desire to work with younger people.

If-you-don-t-think-photos-are-important-(002).pngWe recognise that the majority of people these days have their own mobile phone – mostly with a camera function on it.  These phones tend to be with us most of the time which means a person can capture a moment, in a timely way, as and when it presents itself - whether they are at the hospice or not. Attending the sessions at the hospice will help people recognise these moments more readily in their daily lives and by applying the techniques learnt through Feelings in Focus, will encourage them to view life and their personal situation and/or grief differently.   
Every person attending the project will have a different experience as the programme is tailored to their individual needs and who knows, it may introduce them to a new hobby! Encourage them to join a local photography group and increase social interaction! All positives to promote a ‘can do’ attitude.