One Family Foundation

Wakefield Hospice was delighted to be shortlisted recently for a public vote to win a £5000 grant from the OneFamily Foundation Community Awards programme, but this was only the start! This was a national vote with eleven other charities, across the country, in the Health, Disability and Social Care category all hoping to win the same £5000. 
Voting was open for two weeks during July, during which time the hospice worked hard to raise awareness and generate as many votes as possible as the charity with the most votes by the time voting closed on Wednesday 20th July would be guaranteed the grant. 
Word soon spread and the Wakefield community rallied together to help their local charity. With an amazing last minute surge, the hospice finished first in their category with over 2100 votes. After counting and verifying all the votes, OneFamily Foundation announced the winners and Wakefield Hospice is absolutely delighted to announce that, through the support and involvement of their supporters, they won the £5000!    
This grant will be used to fund the landscaping of the grounds outside our new family room, providing a haven with numerous benefits for patients and families giving a better quality of life and care.   
There is currently nowhere in the hospice for patients to socialise with their visitors, especially children & grandchildren away from their bedside. This new space will allow the function of our new family room to extend to the outside. There will be picnic tables, garden games and it will all be in an enclosed space offering dignity, privacy and security and will create precious memories for everyone who uses it. 
Wakefield Hospice Chief Executive, Tina Turner says:
“This is great news! At Wakefield Hospice we support our patients and their loved ones through some of life's most difficult experiences, and the new family area is just one way we can help to make that more comfortable.
This garden will be a beautiful outdoor space where any of our patients can spend time with their family and friends, where the peace and privacy will make even emotional conversations more manageable, and where the company of children can be enjoyed in safety.
Important milestones are often reached whilst a patient is staying with us at the hospice, and memories of birthdays and anniversaries are all the more precious towards end of life; this lovely family area will be well-used by up to 2000 people visiting the hospice every year.
We all know how much better we feel when we are spending time in beautiful surroundings, and at Wakefield Hospice we are only able to offer this with the help of our community supporters,  whose generosity contributes almost three quarters of our running costs. This fantastic support from the OneFamily Foundation will make a real difference to the lives of local people.”
Emily Murphy, Fundraising and Trusts Coordinator says:
“Thank you so much to everyone who voted, shared and spread the word for Wakefield Hospice during this public vote. Wakefield Hospice officially has the best supporters. The response during this campaign was amazing and the comments we received throughout were overwhelming and truly heart-warming.
We are thrilled to have won this grant which will make such a difference to the quality of care we provide at the hospice.  We would not have achieved this without the support and time given by our supporters. They did this for us. They made the difference.”

Image courtesy of One Family.