Open Up Hospice Care

The chances are that you know someone who needs hospice care.

Hospices around the UK provide physical, emotional and social support to more than 200,000 people every year whose lives are affected by incurable illness, or are coming to an end. Young and old, irrespective of faith, ethnicity or gender, hospices are there for them.
1 in 4 families who require hospice care are not able to get the support they need, and the demand is rapidly increasing as our population ages. You can help us change this.
Wakefield Hospice provides specialist end of life care to people with life limiting illnesses and support to their families. Our drop in day therapy unit provides activities and therapies for people who have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness and support to carers.  The drop in unit also provides bereavement support to families.
Wakefield Hospice is joining forces with national charity Hospice UK and other charities to launch a new campaign. Open Up Hospice Care aims to raise awareness among the public about the expert, compassionate and free care that hospices provide, and the vital role we play in easing suffering and relieving the pressure on families and the NHS.
It costs £2.7 million every single day for hospices across the UK to provide outstanding care. By supporting us you can help ensure that everyone who needs hospice care, gets hospice care. 
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How will my donation help to open up hospice care?

Money raised through our hospice channels will go towards supporting the work of Wakefield Hospice helping us to open up hospice care in this community. Donations will enable us to continue to provide specialist end of life care to local people diagnosed with a life limiting illness and support to their families at a very difficult time.
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