Gift Aid Your Donated Items

Gift Aid it LogoYou can now sign up to Gift Aid when you donate your unwanted items at the warehouse or any of our shops.

If you are donating larger items, we can sign you up when our drivers collect your donations.

By signing up to Gift Aid we are able to claim an extra 25% of the sale value of your goods from the Government. For example, if we sell your item for £10 we can claim an extra £2.50.

Anyone can sign up as long as you have paid sufficient income tax or capital gains tax in the relevant tax year to cover the tax we claim.

Signing up to Gift Aid is very easy and straightforward.....

All you need to do is provide your name, address, confirmation that you are a tax payer (we don't need to know your financial details) and your signature. We do everything else!

If you make further donations at any time in the future please give us your name and postcode when you drop your donations off so that we can process the Gift Aid on your donations.

Periodically, we will write to you to let you know how much extra your donations have generated. As long as you still want to donate that money to us we will claim it automatically.

Thank you to everyone in the community for your support.