Gifts of Kindness


Gifts of Kindness are your way of contributing to the ongoing, yet essential, costs in providing high quality end of life care and bereavement support

Your donation will make a real difference to someone’s life.

What is a Gift of Kindness?
A Gift of Kindness is a donation towards a specified aspect of work at Wakefield Hospice.  Your donation will only be used to purchase the item that you have chosen to benefit our patients and service users.
Why buy a Gift of Kindness and not just make a donation?
If you would like your donation to go towards something specific, then our Gifts of Kindness allow you to do just that.
Starting from as little as £3 we have a selection of gifts to choose from and you will know exactly what your donation will be spent on and how you are making a difference.

What do I receive?
Once your donation has been processed, you will receive a thank you care with a detachable gift card to pass on to the person for whom you have bought the Gift.

Can I buy this as a present?
Yes, of course.  This is more than just making a donation.  This is a donation with purpose and the gift card can be pass on to your loved one to explain how your gift has helped our patients.
Our Gifts are perfect for that special occasion.  Be it a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s & Father’s Days, Valentines and Anniversary or a ‘thinking of you’ gift, our Gifts of Kindness are gifts that give back and show that you have helped Share the Care.