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Televisions for patients’ rooms

Televisions for patients’ rooms

Providing a ‘home from home’ quickly helps put patients and visitors at ease.  A subtle but vital part of achieving this ‘luxury hotel’ ambience is by having a TV for every patient but in a palliative care setting a TV can be more than just for entertainment:
  • It can offer normality, allowing patients to continue watching their favourite shows.
  • It can be a social tool - some families have particular shows that they watch together each week at the same time.             
  • It is a way to connect with the world through news and documentaries.  This was particularly important, offering a lifeline for one patient who stayed on the in-patient ward for 59 days!
  • It offers a way for patients to celebrate and be involved with historical events – most recently for example, the Royal Wedding or more frequently the New Year celebrations in London. 
  • It can offer relaxation and distraction from the stress and anxieties that patients often have.
  • It can fill the room with ‘visitors’ instantly. Unfortunately some of our patients do not have many visitors – family are far away or non-existent and friends have already died.  A TV can therefore provide valuable company in an instant.

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