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December 2018


Well, how exciting…it’s DECEMBER, which of course means that it’s very nearly Christmas! I am so looking forward to the big day and hope that you are too.

Have you and been talking about what you would like this year? I am really pleased to see that you have made my ‘nice list’ again. I keep track of all the children throughout the year and I was especially pleased that you have . Make sure you keep up the good work in the year ahead!

The elves have been busy wrapping gifts, checking lists and making sure that my sleigh is all polished and ready to fly. The reindeer are getting extra portions of oats to make sure that they’ve got lots of energy for the big night ahead. Please don’t forget to leave them a carrot – they really do appreciate each and every one and it keeps them ‘topped up’ throughout the night.

I can hear Mrs Clause calling me as my tea is ready (it’s not just the reindeer that need feeding up before Christmas Eve!) I do hope she’s made some mince pies…they really are my favourite food.

Lots of love Signed, Santa Claus xxxx