Setting up a Tribute Fund on the Wakefield Hospice website

Before you start, make sure you have a valid email address, then click the link on our Tribute Fund page. This will take you to our Tribute Fund form. 
Add the details of the person you wish to remember in the first part of the form, then add your own details to the second part. Enter a short introduction for your page, then a full description. You can upload up to six photos to your page, one of which will appear as the main image. 
Remember to fill in the ‘Your details’ section so that we can contact you, and click ‘submit’ to finish. We’ll check the content to make sure it’s appropriate to appear on our website, then we’ll email you once it has gone live.   
To change any text or images on your page after you’ve created it, for instance to let people know about a new fundraising activity you’re taking part in, please send us the information and we’ll update your page for you. 
To view your page, click the ‘View tributes’ button on our Tribute Fund page. This will take you to our Tribute Fund listings page. Search for your page by your loved one’s name or by scrolling through the list of tributes, then click on the picture or name of your loved one to go to your page. 
Once your page is active, anyone can view and contribute to your Tribute Fund from wherever they are in the world. Get friends and family involved by linking to the page on social media and emails. Do this by copying and pasting the address from the top of the screen – call us if you’d like help with this. 
If you’d like to set up a Tribute Fund but don’t want to do it online, we can set up a Tribute Fund in your loved one’s name and keep you updated with the total raised.