Why Volunteer?

Being a volunteer is satisfying on many levels. I feel I am giving something back to our local community... Try it and see!
Here are just some of the reasons our volunteers chose to support the Hospice:
  • To support an important local service
  • To put your spare time to good use
  • To let others benefit from your talents and experience
  • To develop skills that employers, colleges and universities value
  • To use your ideas, energy and enthusiasm to raise money for a good cause
  • To meet new people, make new friends and have fun
  • To learn something new and access free training

A Volunteer's Story

Irene, Chris and Diana volunteer at our warehouse and despite the high levels of stock to sort, they are never deterred from tackling the job. They know that they are at the very start of the process which ultimately ends in the provision of specialist care at the Hospice. The contents of the donations bags provide endless surprises and their skills in sorting ensure we have some really amazing stock for all our shops. The work may not be glamourous but it is different every day, provides a great place to make friends and is extremely valuable. They would love some more help; please get in touch if you would like to join them.