On Tuesday 30 November, Wakefield Hospice will be taking part in the annual global charity day #givingtuesday.

This year, your donation will be used to help fund our new Virtual Beds initiative.
On average, 75.5% of people who die in Wakefield need palliative care – that’s around 2490 people every year. Given the choice, 2/3 of these would prefer to die at home.
Virtual Beds are a very cost effective way of expanding and improving access to hospice care, whilst working with patients' wishes to stay at home or their preferred place of care.

Without the need for a referral, virtual beds operate in the same way as a hospice bed but patients, families, carers and professionals can all access expert knowledge, advice, practical and emotional support through the 24/7 helpline (available 365 days a year - 01924 331400).

This supports patients to stay at home when they are unable/do not wish to be admitted into the hospice. Virtual Beds also support individual preferences within religious/cultural beliefs and needs, creating a greater equity of access.

Virtual beds are a very cost effective way of expanding and improving access to hospice care. The current total cost of providing this service is £679 every 24-hours. This includes everything from salaries to utilities and ensures that the right level of expertise is always available to answer calls and provide the right level of support, day or night. During night-time hours, this will be all the more powerful, as it will provide vital support, when feelings of isolation may intensify, due to other social care not being available.

Can you help meet today's cost of providing a virtual bed?
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