Covid-19 Appeal

Still here, still sharing the care...
Tina Turner, CEO
My name is Tina Turner and I am proud to be the chief executive at Wakefield Hospice. 

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well. The Covid-19 pandemic has presented the most unprecedented and challenging of times for us all to adapt to. At the hospice we have had to prepare intensively for any surge of patient care that may be needed, for any patients or team members who may be showing symptoms of the virus, and indeed for any who may be tested as positive.

Please watch and share our short film about the work of the hospice during the Covid-19 crisis. The film features a special message from Jane McDonald... 
The pandemic has had a huge impact on our funding. This year is the hospice’s 30th anniversary and we were looking forward to marking this milestone with special events and activities to raise awareness and funds for patient care. But our hospice shops and warehouse have had to close, and many of our fundraising events and activities have been cancelled or postponed. 
We simply do not know what the longer term impact will be on our finances. We need to raise £11,500 from charitable sources every single day to keep our services readily accessible for everyone who needs them. Right now, as a result of the virus, we are losing an average of £80,000 per month in fundraising and retail income. 
In time, our lives will return to a new ‘normal’ but our patients need our help right now; and now, more than ever, we need you. 
Until now we have refrained from making an appeal to the public. We have been fortunate to receive some short term funding from the government and other sources, and we felt it was important to assess our financial position carefully, and to respect the impact that these shocking events are having on all our community. 
However the future looks increasingly challenging. Our longer term financial position is likely to take many months to recover. Therefore I am asking you to please consider supporting the hospice with a donation to help us to continue to care for patients with the respect, dignity and comfort that they deserve now and in the coming months.

If you would like to make a donation to the appeal please do so here or visit our Just Giving page:-

Protocols are in place to manage virtually any eventuality that we might foresee in terms of the demands which may be placed on the hospice service. I have witnessed the hard work and flexibility of colleagues who are going the extra mile to ensure that the safety and wellbeing of our patients, staff, visitors and volunteers is paramount.
One of the most difficult decisions we have had to make is to restrict visiting hours. At the hospice we would normally welcome family and friends to visit their loved one as often and for as long as they would like. However, to protect our patients, staff and visitors we have recently been obliged to limit this, while maintaining a flexible approach for visiting arrangements at end of life.
Our doctors, nurses and other health care professionals continue to work on the front line throughout this pandemic, looking after those very patients who are most at risk and vulnerable. We have always been proud to offer and provide the highest quality compassionate care and we are working tirelessly to ensure that this continues.
Over the last few weeks we have been heartened by the support we have received from our local community, whether that be donations of PPE or financial support, to ensure we are still here and still sharing the care for our patients.
It is my great privilege to be the chief executive at Wakefield Hospice and I have never been prouder of the whole hospice team, who have gone above and beyond during this most challenging time.
Finally, I have always been humbled by the generous and continued support we have received from the local community. For supporting the hospice for all this time and more, to ensure we are still here and still sharing the care now and for future generations to come. I send my warmest wishes to you and your family at this challenging time. Please stay safe and on behalf of our patients and everyone at Wakefield Hospice - thank you.

Tina R Turner
CEO, Wakefield Hospice