The pandemic has hugely impacted the hospice, both financially and operationally. We are committed to fight back this year with our Resilience Appeal and generate more income than ever to ensure we continue to provide specialist care for our patients and their families.

The appeal sets out to raise £250K to contribute towards the £4.3 million annual running costs of the hospice of which 75% is made up through fundraising efforts and support from the local community through donations, taking part in events, joining the lottery, making a regular gift, shopping with WH Retail or gifts in Wills.
An oppportunity for everyone to get involved...
We have launched our first ever Wakefield Hospice Pyjama Day, taking place on Friday 7th October, encouraging the whole of Wakefield to put on their favourite PJs for the day and raise funds to support our Resilience Appeal.

Click here to find out more and get signed up today.​

The difference your support will make...
We would like to thank Nellie and her daughter Diane for sharing their own personal story about how the care provided at Wakefield Hospice earlier this year made such a large impact on all of their family's lives.

Click here to read Nellie's story and discover the difference which your donation makes for local families

A special message from Wakefield Hospice supporter Jane McDonald
We are grateful to singer and presenter Jane McDonald for backing our appeal. Jane McDonald was the guest of honour at Wakefield Hospice’s ‘Lunch with Jane’ in May, which raised over £12,000 for the hospice and saw the launch of the £250K Resilience Appeal.

“Hello, I’m Jane McDonald and I want to talk to you about Wakefield Hospice’s Resilience Appeal. Like many charities the hospice has been hit hard by the pandemic both financially and operationally, but they are committed to fighting back this year. The hospice provides a truly invaluable service to our local community, not only for the patients, but also for their friends and families. That’s why I’m also backing the Resilience Appeal to raise money so the hospice can keep supporting the families and local community that rely on its services. I know with your support we can help them to reach their target of £250K so please please get involved in any way you can and support the campaign – it’s so vital.”