The story of the Tree of Life
The Tree of Life was sculpted by Michael Kusz, a North Yorkshire artist. The copper-clad steel tree is more than two metres high and has a six-metre spread. The sculpture was split into nine pieces for transport and assembly at the hospice in the summer of 2007. We are eternally grateful to the donor who commissioned Michael on our behalf and wishes to remain anonymous. We would also like to acknowledge the following organisations and groups for helping to make the Tree of Life a reality. 
Thank you

Miller Homes - providing the concrete base, off-road forklift and man power
Marshalls - donating the block paving to help landscape the area
Travis Perkins - donating and supplying base materials for the paving
MTS Bobcat - providing a mini digger and driver
Halifax Bank - employee time
Hospice volunteers - time and effort 
Best Training - skilled labour to lay flags and block paving 

A universal motif found in many ancient cultures, the Tree of Life is a symbol of spiritual nourishment, enlightenment, and the unity of heaven and earth. The 12 branches symbolise the zodiac as well as the months of the year. The sycamore tree is known for growing where other trees fail. Its ability to shed its bark and reveal new growth makes it a symbol of perseverance and vitality.
Michael Kusz, Tree of Life sculptor