Wakefield Hospice Pyjama Day

Friday 7th October 2022

Wear your favourite PJs on 7th October 2022 and show your support to Wakefield Hospice.

Pyjamas give us a warm, cosy and safe feeling – the same feelings we aim to provide for patients and their families anytime they visit the hospice. Whether at work, at school, or at home, we are reaching out to the whole of Wakefield to play their part and support Wakefield Hospice this October.
How to take part:

Getting involved could not be easier...

1. Sign up and let us know you are taking part in Wakefield Hospice Pyjama Day, be it at work, school or within the community (to register please email pyjamaday@wakefieldhospice.co.uk or call 01924 331400) 

2. Download our fundraising pack below for ideas on how to make the most out of your fundraising efforts 

3. On Friday 7th October 2022, wear your PJs throughout the day (don’t forget to make your donation to the hospice - we recommend £2 per person) 

4. Share your PJ Day pictures on social media using #WakeyWakey

Why get involved?

This year we have launched our Resilience Appeal, aiming to raise £250,000 to ensure Wakefield Hospice remains available for local people who need us this year, next year and beyond.
We understand that times are hard at the moment, but the service provided by Wakefield Hospice for so many people is truly invaluable. By donating just £2 you can make a real difference and help us towards achieving our goal.
From all at Wakefield Hospice – Thank You.

Let us know your Pyjama Day plans by emailing pyjamaday@wakefieldhospice.co.uk or call 01924 331401.

Download your Pyjama Day Fundraising Pack
Download our fundraising pack for ideas and inspiration on how to take you fundraising to the next level (don't forget to download your posters and handouts below too!)
Pyjama Day FAQs

How do I get involved?
The beauty of Pyjama Day is that it is so easy for everyone to get involved! Simply wear your PJs throughout the day and make a donation to Wakefield Hospice. Let us know your plans by emailing pyjamaday@wakefieldhospice.co.uk or call 01924 331400.

How much do I need to donate?
We recommend a donation of £2 per person, but it is completely up to you! Of course you can go above and beyond with your fundraising, why not download our Fundraising Pack above for some inspiration.

Why the pyjama theme?

The theme of pyjamas is the perfect fit for our awareness day – we all love that warm, cosy and safe feeling we get when we put on our favourite pair of PJs, and similarly the care provided by Wakefield Hospice provides our patients and their families with that same sense of warmth and safeness when they walk through our doors.

Do I have to wear pyjamas?
Don't own any PJs? No problem. We understand finances may be tight at the moment, feel free to simply wear your comfy clothes for the day, or if you do want pyjamas, why not visit our charity shops to see what we have in stock.

How do I get my money to the hospice?
Once you have finished your fundraising, you can return your money online (using our Donate page on the website), by cheque or cash. Download our Fundraising Pack above for further information.