Please note that our Day Therapy and Bereavement Services have been temporarily closed in light of the recent Coronavirus outbreak. We are sure you will understand the welfare of our patients, visitors, staff and volunteers is of paramount importance; we have introduced this measure to protect those we care for with weakened immune systems due to the nature of their life-limiting illness.

The Day Therapy or Bereavement team will contact any service user directly that has existing appointments for counselling, 1:1 support or Complementary Therapy they will then endeavour to look at alternative means of supporting you during this time. Thank you for your understanding.

If you would like to discuss this further, please call on 01924 331400 and ask to speak to the Day Therapy or Bereavement team.

Our bereavement support is available for the family and friends of people who have been known to Wakefield Hospice and who have sadly died.

We are all deeply affected by the death of someone we love and often we are given all the help and support we need by our family and friends. Sometimes the problems seem too much to cope with and we need to talk to someone else who can help us understand and make sense of our feelings.

At Wakefield Hospice we recognise that every person’s experience is unique to them and that people may need different types of support at different times. We try to flexible and responsive to individual needs and are always keen and willing to discuss with you how we may be able to help.

We try to contact family members four weeks after their bereavement by telephone or by sending a card if we are unable to talk personally. 

Balance – 2nd April

In the early days of a bereavement, grief is often all consuming, overwhelming and absorbs all or much of a person’s day and night. Over time, although ever present (often referred by our clients as a dark cloud) people can feel a little more able to engage more with the world, life and others again.

Creating more BALANCE, between the ‘being’ (honouring feelings, emotions, grief) and ‘doing’ (trying new things, joining a group, accepting social invitations, going back to work).

Currently with the restrictions created by the Covid 19 virus, we are aware that some of the helpful strategies and opportunities for support and social gatherings are challenged e.g. coffees with friends and family, shared lunches, swimming, going to the gym and even taking walks are hugely impacted with social distancing and the stay at home message.

This may in some cases create a feeling of going backwards, having longer periods ‘to think’ resulting in feeling more isolated and lonely.

Here are 3 suggestions, we are sharing this week, to help with Balance – we are sure you have many more, please do share them with us, they might help someone else.
  1. Find 5 Gratitude’s in your day and capture the photo on your mobile phone.
Examples …
A sunny flower (daffodil/tulip)
A well risen Yorkshire pudding/a frisbee Yorkshire pudding!
A sunset/cloud formation
A card/letter from a friend
A cinnamon bun/cake/flapjack
A bird on the windowsill
A toilet roll
In or outside, something or anything that raised a smile or made you grateful in these unprecedented times
  1. Journal
Record your day, thoughts, feelings and reflections. You may or may not wish to then share these with other members of the group in the future, once the service resumes and it is safe to do so, or with a member of the Bereavement Team over the telephone. It can be a useful way to end the day before you go to sleep.
  1. Get online
If you are able and have access, there are some fabulous and fun exercise sessions - online yoga, meditations that can be watched.
If you are alone at home doing these, you are also part of and sharing the experiences with others who are also doing the same.
If you don’t have access, we can send you some breathing exercises, stretches and wellbeing ideas by post, please ask via our contact page or by calling us on 01924 331400.
Above all stay safe.

NB: The above is offered as a guide, we recognise that grief is unique and a very personal experience, it is not the same for everybody. Please take from this session anything that might be useful for YOU.

Next Week: 9th April - Essential Oils  

We can offer ongoing telephone contact or face to face bereavement support or counselling if needed. Appointments can be offered at different times throughout the week.

We also have a Drop-In Service on Thursday between 9am - 12noon and on Thursday 1pm - 4pm by appointment, where our trained staff and volunteers can offer emotional support. It is also an opportunity to meet with others who are going through a similar experience. Relaxation, complementary therapies and art & craft activities are available, as well as spiritual support.

We can offer advice and support in helping children cope with bereavement.

We can support beareaved families for up to two years depending on your needs as we recognise that every individuals grief experience is different.

Above all we want to be supportive in a way that is right for you, but we will also respect your wishes if you tell us you do not require our help.

If you have a query about our Bereavement Drop In service please see our FAQ's below. If you still have a question you would like to ask you are welcome to call into our Drop-In Service or contact Lisa Henry our Bereavement Services Co-ordinator on the Hospice telephone number, 01924 331400.