Our bereavement support is available for the family and friends of people who have been known to Wakefield Hospice and who have sadly died.

We are all deeply affected by the death of someone we love and often we are given all the help and support we need by our family and friends. Sometimes the problems seem too much to cope with and we need to talk to someone else who can help us understand and make sense of our feelings.

At Wakefield Hospice we recognise that every person’s experience is unique to them and that people may need different types of support at different times. We try to flexible and responsive to individual needs and are always keen and willing to discuss with you how we may be able to help.

We try to contact family members four weeks after their bereavement by telephone or by sending a card if we are unable to talk personally. 

We can offer ongoing telephone contact or face to face bereavement support or counselling if needed. Appointments can be offered at different times throughout the week.

We also have a Drop-In Service on Thursday between 9am - 12noon and on Thursday 1pm - 4pm by appointment, where our trained staff and volunteers can offer emotional support. It is also an opportunity to meet with others who are going through a similar experience. Relaxation, complementary therapies and art & craft activities are available, as well as spiritual support.

We can offer advice and support in helping children cope with bereavement.

We can support beareaved families for up to two years depending on your needs as we recognise that every individuals grief experience is different.

Above all we want to be supportive in a way that is right for you, but we will also respect your wishes if you tell us you do not require our help.

If you have a query about our Bereavement Drop In service please see our FAQ's below. If you still have a question you would like to ask you are welcome to call into our Drop-In Service or contact Lisa Henry our Bereavement Services Co-ordinator on the Hospice telephone number, 01924 331400.