Children's Bereavement Support
We recognise that families are made up of different ages and generations. It can be difficult to support children and young people in their grief, whilst bearing your own.
Grief affects children and young people differently. This can be impacted by age, temperament, time of life and circumstances of the death. Not knowing what is ‘normal’ or helpful to say or do to support them can be challenging.

Our team can offer support to help at this time. This may include advice on funeral attendance, support and steer for difficult conversations or reassurances of what behaviours are ‘normal’ at this time. We can support a child themselves directly or indirectly.

Indirect support might take the form of advocating for a child or young person, liaising with schools, colleges or other professionals. In turn we can support teaching staff or wellbeing and pastoral care who might be supporting your child as they are often more easily accessible and can often respond in the moment.

Dr Susie Willis from the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children has given permission to share the 'Saying Goodbye' booklet and film to help children coping with bereavement.

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For any information on bereavement support for children and young people contact
Lisa Henry – Bereavement Coordinator
Telephone: 01924 331400 or contact us using the contact form here

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