Make a Will Week

We run Make a Will Week in March and September. The next Make a Will Week will run 18 - 22 September 2023.

An opportunity for you to remember Wakefield Hospice in your Will helping us to care for future generations.

During Make a Will Week local solicitors provide their Will-writing services in return for a donation to Wakefield Hospice - an ideal opportunity to have your Will written or updated by a professional. 

The scheme aims to raise funds for patient care while making Will-writing appointments more accessible to people who wish to make or update their Will. The scheme is open to anyone, with or without a connection to the hospice. 

How it works

Making a Will is easier than you might think. Your solicitor will guide you through the process so you can decide how your property, money and possessions are distributed. It's the best way to ensure that your wishes are respected and your loved ones and favourite charities receive the gifts you want them to have. There is no obligation to leave a gift in your Will to Wakefield Hospice, however many of our supporters choose to do so in memory of their loved ones.

Participating firms are waiving their usual fees and ask people to make a donation to the hospice instead. You will be asked to make your donation directly to the hospice when you write your Will, but there’s no obligation to include the hospice in your Will. 

We suggest a donation of at least £100 for a basic single Will or £150 for a basic mirror Will. All the solicitors are providing their time and expertise at no cost to the hospice so please consider the value of your solicitor’s time when you decide how much to donate. You can make your donation when you write your Will and the solicitior will pass your donation onto us. Your solicitor will be able to give you all the details. 

The solicitors taking part in the scheme are waiving their fees for simple Wills. If yours is more complex there may also be an additional fee to pay them. Your solicitor will be able to advise you of this – please discuss this with them when you make your appointment. 

Gifts in Wills help fund care for future generations.

Please ensure that you sign your Will and make your donation within 8 weeks of your appointment. 

Book an appointment 

To make your appointment please call any participating firm and quote ‘Wakefield Hospice Make a Will Week’.  Each solicitor is providing a limited number of places during the week so please book yours early to avoid disappointment. 

Some solicitors are only offering appointments by phone or online. Others may be able to provide home visits if necessary. Please check what is available when you contact your chosen firm, or alternatively call the hospice for further details. 

View participating solicitors  

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Alternatively contact our fundraising office for more details: 

Call 01924 331400 
Write to Wakefield Hospice, Aberford Road, Wakefield WF1 4TS
Make a Will Week FAQs
From "How much does it cost to Make a Will?" to "How long will it take?", Maggie Keane, our Legacy and In Memory Fundraiser shares the answers on the most commonly asked questions
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Remembering the hospice in your Will

There's no obligation to include the hospice in your Will and you don’t need to let us know your intentions. Your Will is a private matter between you and your solicitor. However, after providing for their loved ones many people choose to leave a gift to their favourite charity.

If you decide to remember the hospice in your Will, you'll be helping to support local families facing serious illness in the future. Leaving a gift is easy and anyone can do it. Whether it's a sum of money, a specific item or a share of your property, your gift will help to ensure that the hospice is here for generations to come

'My dad was cared for by Wakefield Hospice and I hope it’s around for many more years for other families.'
Rachael Crookes