Staff Stories
At Wakefield Hospice we are incredibly proud of the caring, professional and aspirational people working across all departments of the hospice. Below some of our staff share their favourite things about their role, and why they love working at Wakefield Hospice.
Chloe - Staff Nurse

“End of life can be such a difficult moment for anyone, but the fact that we can make a difference and make it a special moment instead of just a sad memory, for patients and their families, it’s really nice to be a part of that.

“I love getting to know patients and their families, you build a real rapport with each person who comes through the hospice doors – they are all seen as individuals and the care we deliver is tailored to each individual’s needs.

“Of course it can be a challenging place to work, when you build up relationships with patients and families who then lose someone so close to them it would take its toll on anyone; but the team here are so supportive, we each play our part in looking out for each other, just like any family would.”

Alison - Community Fundraiser

“I love it when I am out in the community, whether working or not, and people call me ‘Alison from the hospice’ – it just really makes me so proud to be a part of such an amazing organisation.

“I love my job, from meeting fundraisers to bucket collecting on cold rainy nights, every day and every task gives me a sense of enormous pride.

“Throughout my time here I have been fortunate to meet many families whose loved ones have been supported by Wakefield Hospice, and when they tell me about the quality of care they received, or say thank you for what we do, for what I do… well I can’t think of any greater motivation than that.”

Andy - Facilities Supervisor

“I had worked as a chef in the education sector for over 30 years before joining Wakefield Hospice at the height of the Covid-pandemic. I was looking for a complete change of setting and when I look back over the past three years, I really couldn’t have asked for a better place to join.

“As my role diversified I ended up moving position and I am now the Facilities Supervisor here. Every day presents something different and I can honestly say I love my job – whether out driving, doing maintenance around the hospice or working with our amazing team and equally amazing volunteers. I love the variety and even more so, I love knowing that I am playing my part in ensuring people can get the quality care and support they deserve, at a time in their life when they need it the most.”

Louise - Physiotherapist

“I joined Wakefield Hospice 20 years ago. It may sound a little corny but I have always found it to be such a privilege. To be able to help someone if you have a skill you can share is one thing – but being able to impart that skill to help someone going through the toughest part of their life is a real honour.

“We help patients to make the most of their abilities, to adapt and to reach goals (however big or small) – we are here, sometimes quite literally, every step of the way. 

“It’s an incredible team and an incredible place to call work. Even after all these years seeing the joy on patients and families face when they reach their goal, be it walking upstairs or simply moving from a bed to a chair can still give me a little lump in the throat.”

Melanie - Head of People & Culture

“As the Head of People and Culture my role involves a wide variety of tasks from supporting the wellbeing of our team through to recruitment, retention, appraisals and more. I am so proud to work for Wakefield Hospice and I love the task of trying to make it as great a place to work, or volunteer, as it can be.

“I look forward to my Monday mornings when I get back into the hospice and know that I have a full week ahead of me. It’s an incredible organisation, with incredible people all working towards the same incredible cause – and I am privileged to be able to play my part in supporting our team in whichever way I can to help them on their journey here at Wakefield Hospice.”

Gabby - Staff Nurse

“I started out at Wakefield Hospice as a Student Nurse. In truth, I was somewhat afraid of palliative care at first, but I knew that I wanted to get more of an understanding of it – fast forward to the present day and I am so glad I took the plunge!

“I have learnt so much and gained so much experience in my two years here. As a Staff Nurse I help to look after patients and families, supporting with symptom management and end of life care; I love that we are able to provide such person-centred care for every person we support.

“As much as I love my role it is made all the better thanks to the amazing team I work with – you can go to anyone for help, be it professional or emotional, and they are always so supportive – it’s just the perfect environment to work, grow and develop.”

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