Dementia Care
Dementia results in the loss of cognitive functioning and behavioural abilties that affect a persons day-to-day life. Discover how we care for patients with dementia at Wakefield Hospice
Living with Dementia - Julie & John's Story

“You cannot put a price on what these people provide for us.”

Our Hospice Admiral Nurse

At Wakefield Hospice, we aim to promote positive approaches to living well with dementia and support the adjustment in coping with changes, improving well-being and quality of life for the person with dementia and the carer.

Our Admiral Nurse provides specialist advice, guidance, training and support to people, their families and carers (and organisations who support them) living with advanced dementia in the Wakefield Hospice catchment area.
The Admiral Nurse is based within Wakefield Hospice and usually works three days a week and you can make a referral via telephone on 01924 331 400

We offer

• Open referrals, which can be made by families, carers, friends or professionals.
• A collaborative approach, working with GPs and Community Nurses as dementia advances, end of life approaches and as specialist care, advice and support is required.
• A partnership, working with social care professionals and specialists (including the Wakefield Admiral Nurse team).
• Home visits and telephone advice support for those living with advanced dementia can be offered.
• Dementia day care services.

How we can help

• Emotional support and assessment of needs.
• Information about dementia.
• Advice on managing advancing dementia and its symptoms.
• Specialist advice and support as people with dementia approach the end of life.
• Information, support and assistance with Advance Care Planning (ACP).
• Referral and links to other services and organisations who may be able to help.
• Access to the Hospice Day Therapy Unit and Complementary Therapy.
• Support with training and development of staff.

More information about dementia

Free training sessions for Carers - FULLY BOOKED

8x free two-hour sessions at Wakefield Hospice where we will share tips, information and useful tools and resources that you can take away to help support you in your caring role at home. 

The person you are caring for is also invited to attend and will be supported in our Day Care Unit whilst you attend the sessions in a different room. 

These sessions are now fully booked. To keep informed of future sessions please email or