Referrals to Wakefield Hospice

Who can make a referral to Wakefield Hospice?


  • All health and social care professionals (doctors, nurses, consultants, social workers)
  • Patients or friends and families of patients can also refer to our Day Therapy Services. Likewise, you are able to call the hospice anytime on 01924 331400 to find out more about what support is available.

Referrals for inpatient care.

Healthcare professional such as a medical practitioner at a hospital, a consultant, GP, nurse or palliative care specialist can make referrals over the telepone via 01924 331400. Likewise, patients or friends/family members are welcome to call us on the aforementioned number for further information regarding support available.


Referrals to the Day Therapy Service (Tuesday Wellbeing Sessions) and Dementia Day Care.

Any patient, or someone on behalf of the patient, can make a referral to the day therapy department and dementia services. This can be done over the telephone via 01924 331400.

Your data may be used to:

•   Make sure your GP, nurse or other healthcare provider has accurate and up-to-date information about your health and wellbeing.

•   Allow any queries you have to be properly answered if you have a concern or want to make a complaint.

•   Undertake research and plan health and social care. We will only do this if we have an established legal basis, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and you have not applied to opt out. In the case of research, we will anonymise or use a pseudonym to protect your personal data, where possible.

How we keep your data confidential and secure.

We all have a legal duty to ensure that information about you is confidential and secure. Our staff fully understand their contractual requirement to comply with the ‘Information Governance and Confidentiality’ policy.

We will only share your information with family members or visitors if we have your permission.

We may need to share some information about you with other healthcare professionals, such as your GP or district nurse. Wakefield Hospice holds your personal information digitally, which enables us to transfer that data securely to other organisations involved in your care. Anyone receiving that data is also legally bound to keep it secure and confidential.

Occasionally the law requires us to pass on information if we are concerned about your safety or it has an impact on the safety of others, in the transfer of infections, for example.

How long do we hold your information for?

Any information collected is directly linked to your healthcare needs and allows us to provide the best possible support following your referral to us. Wakefield Hospice’s policy is to only hold that data for the length of time you are in our care.

Accessing your own health records.

You have a legal right to see any information stored in your health records. You can rectify anything that is incorrect and you can restrict what is done with your records. Under the Data Protection Act 2018, you also have the right to request a copy of all the information Wakefield Hospice holds about you in a common format. This is know as a ‘Subject Access Request’ and you can make this in writing to the Hospice.

You, or a person appointed by you, can make a formal request to view your records at:

Director of Clinical Services (Caldicott Guardian)

Wakefield Hospice

Aberford Road



West Yorkshire

We will respond within one month or receiving your request. For more information about this, please ask a member of staff for a copy of our Request for Information form.

If your doctor believes that the records contain information which would be harmful to you, we may refuse your request to see them. If your records contain information about another person, we will need to remove this before allowing access, unless that person has consented to your viewing them.

You can find more information about our data protection responsibilities and details of how to contact us on our data protection page by clicking here.

Your wellbeing is our concern, so if at any time you would like to know about how we use your personal information, please speak to any member of staff or ask to see our full privacy policy.