Our Philosophy and Values
Wakefield Hospice is committed to providing the highest level of symptom management and care for people who have advanced active, progressive and life threatening illness.

Our philosophy and values
The hospice endorses a holistic approach in promoting quality of life for patients as well as providing the continuing support that is offered to families and carers.
Our vision
For the needs of people living with life-limiting illness, and those close to them, to be met with skill, compassion and care.
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Our values
Professional, caring, aspirational, strong and skillful leadership at all levels.
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Mission Statement
Wakefield Hospice, your local charity providing expert care and support for local people and families living with life-limiting conditions.
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Our Aim
to build on the foundation of thirty years of expertise and learning: to collaborate with others to sustain and develop the Wakefield Hospice contribution to the care and support of our community.
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Our Philosophy of Care

provides high quality end of life care, giving equal consideration to the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of patients, their families and carers

offers care that is free of charge to patients who have been assessed as in need of specialist palliative care.

acknowledges the uniqueness of every patients fundamental approach to life and death.

maintains every patients right to privacy and dignity.

respects diversity and each individual's religious, cultural and belief system.

meets the needs of bereaved individuals in the provision of a range of bereavement services.

Covid Vaccinations

There is no longer a requirement to be vaccinated against Covid 19 to work in a care setting however Wakefield Hospice recognise that vaccination is an important measure in protecting people.

We therefore encourage and support our staff and volunteers to have all recommended vaccinations unless they are exempt.