24 Hour Helpline
Whether you need advice about managing your pain, a concerned carer or member of the family, or a health and social care professional caring for people who care living with a life limiting condition or are thought to be in their last year of life, you can call our advice line 24/7 on 01924 331400 We are here to help you!

Who can access 24/7?

This service is available to people in throughout the Wakefield District including:

  • Patients, carers and members of the public
  • Primary health care teams, e.g. district nurses and GPs
  • Out-of-hours services
  • Nursing and care home staff

To get advice and support on:

  • How to manage pain, nausea, vomiting and restlessness
  • How best to support the person who is ill
  • How to support distressed family members
  • How to make a referral to Wakefield Hospice

Key features

  • Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Provides timely advice for better care
  • Provides support to people in the last years of life, families and carers

Please note that the team are not able to provide counselling


Important Information

  • Calls may be taken by our advice and support staff, a senior registered nurse or a doctor
  • We make a record of all calls including general or nursing enquiries
  • When the query is about an existing patient we update their records accordingly
  • All queries are reviewed by senior members of the nursing team
  • We will only give prescribing advice directly to the prescriber