Tandem Sky Diving 2021

Start date - 17/03/2021 - 12:46 PM
End date - 05/01/2022 - 11:55 PM
Location - Various venues and dates available
Event Type - Challenge
Image standing in the doorway of an aeroplane, wind blowing through your hair, seeing the ground shrinking beneath you, preparing to jump………….then remember why you’re doing this and who for!

Whether it's a lifelong ambition, in honour of a loved one or simply to support Wakefield Hospice, if you want the ultimate thrill of exiting a plane at 15,000ft then a tandem sky-dive could be the challenge for you! 

There are two booking options for you to choose from:

1.      Raise the minimum sponsorship of £395 and you can jump for FREE as Wakefield Hospice will pay for your jump*

2.      Pay £200 for your jump yourself and raise what sponsorship you can, there is no minimum requirement.
*It is important to recognise that whilst it appears that you get to jump free of charge, this cost is taken from the sponsorship you raise - the first £200 will pay for your skydive and then all funds raised over this amount will go to Wakefield Hospice. You will be required to pay at least £395 one week before your jump date, to ensure that all costs are covered.

There is the option to have a video and photographs of your jump which would you would need to organise in advance with the airfield (0113 2505600). Any additional costs incurred for this will be at your own cost.

Jump dates are available all year round (varying throughout the seasons). Please email or call 01924 331401 to find out available dates and to book yours!