Butterfly Decorating Guide

Please make your butterfly a tribute to the person you are commemorating. You don’t need to be an expert crafter or a fine artist – your decoration can be as simple or as complex as you like. You can make it look like a real butterfly or you can use your imagination and decorate it with a theme that reflects the personality or interests of the person you are remembering.

You can use paint, crayons, coloured pencil, felt tip pen, stickers, collage, fabric… get creative! If you wish, you can ‘prime’ the butterfly with white paint before you decorate it, but you don’t need to. Please avoid using glitter! 

The butterflies will be displayed outside, weather permitting, so you may want to use waterproof pens/paints/glue/varnish. Please don't use glitter or anything that will make your butterfly fragile. 
The two holes in your butterfly’s wings should be left clear as these will be used to display the butterfly.

Returning your butterfly to the hospice

Once you have made your donation to the hospice and received your butterfly template, please decorate it and return it to us by the date on the decorating guide that will come with your template, or sooner if possible. This will help us prepare the display. Please use the enclosed Freepost envelope to return your butterfly, and remember to enclose only one butterfly in each envelope.

Decorating more butterflies

If you’d like to decorate another butterfly, please make your donation and dedication as soon as possible. This will help us prepare the display. Visit www.wakefieldhospice.org/butterfly or call us on 01924 331400.

Please note

The display will take place in the hospice gardens at our summer garden party on Saturday 12 August, you are welcome to join us to visit the butterfly display.

So that everyone can see all the butterflies together please don’t remove your butterfly from the display.

You can also view the display online at www.wakefieldhospice.org/butterfly.

Thank you

Thank you for dedicating a butterfly to a loved one. Your donation will help provide the best possible care for people affected by life-limiting illnesses, and your butterfly will form part of a beautiful display to celebrate the lives of family and friends being remembered.

Dedicate a butterfly