Our Wish List
With only a quarter of the hospice's annual running costs being met by statutory funding, charitable trusts, foundations and funders can provide invaluable support to continue providing expert care and support for our patients and their families. Please scroll down to view our current priority needs.
LED Lighting

Wakefield Hospice is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Care never stops. Having been in place since the hospice was built over 30 years ago, the current lighting system supporting this continuous operation is now inefficient, costly and possibly the most environmentally unfriendly option available.

Can you help the hospice work smarter, not harder at providing outstanding care with positive impacts on the internal and external environment?

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Energy Efficiency (Voltage Optimisation and Solar Panels)

Funding will be used to install a new energy efficient solution comprising a voltage optimisation unit and solar panels. This will achieve a number of the hospice’s key strategic aims to futureproof the efficiency and sustainability of the hospice, saving £43,365 in the first five years, whilst reducing the hospice’s carbon footprint.

Nurse Call System

Whether it's an emergency situation or a routine request for assistance, nurse call systems enable help to be summoned quickly and in a hospice, time is of the utmost importance. It can literally be a lifeline but the hospice’s current system is old, unreliable and costly and needs replacing.

Can you help deliver a faster, efficient and more responsive patient care.

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Talking Products

Talking Products are a relatively new phenomenon at Wakefield Hospice that are revolutionising person-centred care and providing meaningful treasured keepsakes for loved ones.

By funding talking products at Wakefield Hospice, you will strengthen family bonds and make a lasting distance.

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Virtual Beds (here to care and virtually there)

By initiating a remote Hospice at Home programme, virtual beds will be the hospice’s first outreach service. Funding will support the 24/7 helpline needed to achieve this. This cost-effective service provision will improve equity of access to care to support more people, across the community, in line with their wishes and circumstances.

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Children and Young People

Wakefield Hospice recognises that a life limiting diagnosis and a death affects the whole family. 

Funding towards the family care and bereavement service will support young people through a very traumatic time in their lives and provide them with practical skills, capacities and capabilities to help them participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals.

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Syringe Drivers

When every moment matters, we need to ensure patients are as comfortable as possible and their needs are always being met. Syringe drivers are pivotal in this role. They help reduce symptoms by delivering a steady flow of injected medication at a constant rate under the skin for as long as it is needed.  

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